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Sunday, 12 July 2009


For man who are still required their healthy sperm for multiply the generation this could be tip for avoid and do it.

The cause could make not healthy sperm

1. Wearing pants, underwear and dress in tight, especially of non-cotton (nylon). Try to use of boxer shorts in cotton (or nothing was better while in action).

2. Stayed in hot water bath tub, Jacuzzi or sauna too long.

3. Excessive Body weight, so that fat accumulation occurred in the area testis. This can reduce sperm production.

4. Alcohol. Alcohol can disrupt the function of kidneys that cause increased on estrogen. Twice a day just to drink alcohol is affecting the condition of sperm.

5. Smoking. Fertility under half of the people smoking who compare with non smoking.

6. Medicines with containing of cytotoxic while treatment for the disease like cancer and steroid that influencing the condition of the pipe sperm.

7. Masturbation, because it can decrease the number of sperm produced.

8. Too much eat seasoned, spicy, bitter and sour. Papaya leaves can make a poor quality sperm.

9. Eat processed plant food (especially with preservatives), such as wheat flour and sugar or caffeine in coffee and soft drink. Drink water seven glasses a day because the body consists of 75 percent liquid.

10. Stress. Increase relaxation with techniques such as yoga and meditation. Emotions one can trigger the production of unstable prolaktin that affect hormone testosteron.

Food for healthy sperm

1.eat food with of rich protein, such as oyster, meat goats, turkeys, corn, bean, red meat, beans, pumpkin seeds, avocado, banana, and almond.

2. Eat food with contains of iron and amino acids such as spinach, seaweed, sunflower seeds, egg, and fresh poultry.

3. Raw celery, because it contains androsterone is good for sexual stimulation.

4. Vitamin antioxidants such as C, E, and B12 for the production of sperm.

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