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Sunday, 26 July 2009

Indigo Children

Have you ever see the behavior of a child that looks strange? Sometimes the behavior look like children with autism. At another time, he looked bored quickly like hyperactive children.

The next time he can claim to predict the future as a shaman. Observed more closely, he may include indigo children. Indigo children is not the same with the ADD / ADHD (Hyperactive) children who is easily bored in doing something, but indigo children will quickly finish it before he switch on to the others activities. In addition, indigo children activity are constructive, not destructive as ADD / ADHD (Hyperactive) children. While, the difference with autism children, indigo children can talk consistently and regularly. They can also socialize just more voters. They are more suited to people who rational and more spiritual.

Indigo children divided into several types, according to the his nature tendency :
  • Humanist. Humanist indigo children is the children who cheerful, happy, easy compassionate, and very brave to reveal the opinion. When adult, these children suitable to work in the field of communication, political, and social.
  • Artists. These children have a high of the art soul, love to create, or create new things.When adult is suitable working in the field of art, design and creative writing.
  • Conceptualize. Conceptualize indigo children like to think the complicated things, planning somethings, not easily satisfied, like working behind the screen. His ratio more greater than his spiritual. When adult is suitable in work of architecture, engineering, mathematics and science.
  • Inter-dimensionalism .These indigo children have the greatest spiritual ability than the other indigo children. If the ability to read minds and feelings of others be sharpened correctly, these children can help the environment more peaceful and harmonious.

To find out if a child, including indigo or not, can be known if a child has at least 10 characters as the following :1. They look a little arrogant because even though they is still young, they consider themselves equal to those who are older.
  1. They have difficulties to accept the absolute power / authority that have no options. They do not want to do something when the reason is not known. They will ask why should?
  2. They are easily frustrated with a system based on a habit that does not require creative thought.
  3. they usually find a better way in the grind, whether at home or at school. This makes them look like protester.
  4. They seem antisocial. If the people around does not have an open mind about indigo children, they will feel not be understood then close them self. This makes them as introvert.
  5. They can not be threatened with a sense of guilt, fear or authority. If they are given the ultimatum will be revolt.
  6. They do what they want and not afraid of something. Usually they will find a way to get what they want.
  7. They are easily bored with activities or discussions that were not sharpen the brain. This makes them more sociable with the person who more adult.
  8. They are creative, high imagination and love the game and create their own projects.
  9. They have a high empathy to other people and easily to feel compassion.
  10. They are very intelligent. Their IQ score can be more than 120
  11. They have a particular talent that can be seen since early. For example, art talent, language, or mathematics. This capability is usually held without need to be taught.
  12. When they are not doing something, they usually look like to think long romance. But, when active they will continue to seek to find something interesting for himself.
  13. They are intuitive, can read mind and intent of others, although not yet known.
  14. they have the spiritual ability, for example, can predict an event, or see someone in the past.

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