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Monday, 13 July 2009


Try the new version of Firefox 3.5 with the promise of speed of browsing and security while using internet.

The new fire fox internet browser from Mozilla is more advance with new add/plug service, more faster for browsing and more security option for blocking site and compatible with some approved site and tools with Google corp.

One of advance is security option to create safe environments for internet provider and user. This filter is already in your Firefox browser properties under security tab.

So if one site was reported and you got to view it then will give the red message and option with your risk while you arrive there.

But some case like widget provider some it had intentionally to deliver the malware, virus, phishing were ETC, once you attached it next time you will got banned from it (one company support the watch dog safe internet browser) will report it.

Pop up are heavily or too often popup this they could describe as spamming site, so check your site how many pop up are there.

Security measurement are base on each company parameter but the main site are provide the checking list and support are http://stopbadware.org/ and badwarebusters.org are as per them already 25 years experience in bad ware solution.

This is the support company who are used the services:

Sometimes blocked site is not harm only violated TOS but that were rule you must follow it specially you got it for free. Again as like my previous post report site attack this is for preparation for Google to launch new O/S made in Google corp. as one competitor of Microsoft, Manchitos and so on, and not compared yet with Linux as it is free. And it is proof it then if you are using Firefox browser and compare with internet explorer, safari or others is faster than the other, why? Because I can say now the system it shelf (Internet) are under gaining control of Google corp. specially Google search engine for motor and main power control.

For page rank is always easy to paging from Google page rank and fire fox index. Alexa ranking system you just add/plug in sparky as it will install and put in bottom side of Firefox browser.

You need fire fox 3.5 here.

If you ever try it just upgrade it to 3.5 versions, if not yet try it is free.


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