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Thursday, 16 July 2009


This is the short story how to increase Alexa rank with free expenditure but gravely to connect with other user globally in daily basis activities.

Alexa rank is one of site organizer for blog/site to compete as globally users will compete to no 1 top rank. For your information Alexa rank was also joint with web browser company from Mozilla with product Firefox.

If you are using Firefox web browser (recommended) just install sparky you will got
Alexa rank in your browser at right bottom side. Any time your surf at any site Alexa rank will measure automatically how much the rank of the site. And also you will got item on tool bar area with name related link. It means also your browser have back link from those site in your browser.

If you combine the two web tools with Google search engine/toolbar, you will easily identify by Google and
Alexa at any time you use them.

So basically you will got the traffic from it. This Alexa traffic rank means how popular your site/blog in internet,no matter you got from manual traffic or buy a traffic. How much visitor to your site daily will accumulate and average in daily basis. Then will calculate for forecasting for next 7 days up to 6 months, because
Alexa are updating all data every 3 month since the site are submitting to Alexa. This include the site linking in that the only every 3 month will update (quarterly).

Back again to the focus how to increase
Alexa rank easy just increase the visitor to your site/blog as much as you can every day.
When I release my blog 6 July 2009 of course it started with #8 and 430,891 link. Because nobody know my blog. To start collect the traffic I have to promote my blog to other blog/site, so I used :

  1. Chat box like shout mix, cbox are tools to leave message in other site/blog and they will replay, write or not their IP already count by Alexa while visit to your site. When your name there the other user also notice that your are there, this is the innovation from chat box company to create/ gathering the site/blog owner.
  2. Link exchange some site provider like easyhit4u they give the option 1:1 or 2:1 for 15-30 second view, your view to others view your site. Means 1:1 you will view other site with in 15-30 seconds and the other user will viewing yours at same time rate. And you can collected credit for your impression and some dollar as reward after viewing 25, 50 75, 100 150 and so on. No limit in daily view.
  3. Linkreferral same like link exchange but it have more fixture like review 5, post forum 1, and favorite chosen 1 include site/blog view 30, and earn some dollar but this is not the point right now.
  4. Follow action for blogger because your photo and alias name will be there, so others user will notice and check your link to arrive in your site. In other hand you will got reader material from their blog.
  5. Actively make exchange link with the other site/blog especially with high rank already.

Why so important , because some advertiser are using the Alexa rank to check the site/ blog traffic to launch their advertisement campaign. And Google it self using the traffic data and back link for their page rank value.

So basically increase your traffic and backlink to your site up to 3 months and you will see your Alexa site linking will update and Google page rank also will update. And now my Alexa rank 2,735,235 and already promote to 1,950,567.

May be the others user have some tricks used my comment.


NURA said...

salam sobat,,hebat bognya ini pakai bahasa INGGRIS la,,,yang komentar kalau pakai bahasa INDONESIA ngga papa kan??? Alexa rank 2,735,235 dan sudah promosi ke 1,950,567,,,hebat dong,,,

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