What Are These?

Monday, 20 July 2009


If you follow some site may be you expecting that the owner of the site also do same things with what you have done. But luckily some site owner/blog forget to update or give the address of their site/blog and the result you just follow.

you have already a profile? complete but maybe some time some blogger forget to give their blog address in their link. So what ever you join/follow your picture was there but how the owner of the site will replay back, because they look like lost of trail and track to guide them to your blog then the result you just follow but no body will replay. this is for who are motivated to increase back link, reader and friends at the same times not only to follow(reader). But even motivation is only became the reader only but the owner also have the right to know whom are became his/her reader not like blindly accept it, but what to do blog policy you can follow and you only can cancel to follow, not the owner of the site policy to filter the reader.
check your link in log in to your blog, dashboard, edit profile, select blog to display, and check which blog to display and save setting and save profile. This will guide site/blog owner to follow back and the others user will easy to see which blog you manage.


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