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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Potty problem in the space

If it is happen in the world then you can drop it anywhere, or collected in some bottle or plastic bag that's for man, for women wuih still problems but you can hold for a moment until you found good area or facility.

But what happen if the emergency room (toilet) is not available or with limited of number, because usually is divided by gender man and women.
Because it happen in outer space in international space station then it is become very emergency, up to all man in the world known about it, because of the so emergency emergency situation out there.

With the present population of 13 astronauts in international space station, NASA has announced that one of the facility was brake down. But luckily there is another facility on the spacecraft but took long and difficulty journey to arrive there as it was parking out side the station to enjoy their own facility or other wise is if can't wait.

One of the facility which is working condition is in Russian zvezda bath room which is already attached for permanent resident of those station.
So basically the NASA crew who are 7 person they have to go back to shuttle for their own facility. The us laboratory destiny toilet was conked out due to malfunction of pre-treat flush water system. Way this become big problems because it took 7 day for repaired it, can you imagine that how emergency the situation out there.


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