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Friday, 17 July 2009

No self confidence due to foreign language post

post with a foreign language will not be interesting, if only letter there. But if there is a picture, will make a different impression about the article. why, because of the language barrier.

bahasa indonesia:
posting dengan bahasa asing tidak akan menarik, jika hanya tulisan disana. Tetapi jika ada gambar, akan membuat kesan berbeda tentang artikel. mengapa, karena adanya penghalang pemahaman bahasa.
Mag-post ng isang dayuhang wika ay hindi na interesante, kung lamang ang anumang mga post doon. Ngunit kung may larawan, ay gumawa ng iba't-ibang mga impression tungkol sa mga artikulo. kung bakit, dahil ang wika barrier.

You as the user computer and the internet why you should hesitate and no confidence because you can not speak English or other language, my answer is ridiculous because if you use the internet and even made it, the term is also always use the English language. Speak directly with the English language or other language is difficult but if read or write (chat) is different matter, I think our brain is still able to translate little slower to read it but to speak directly we need to quickly translate in the brain this can achieve only by practice daily.
especially 'mang' Google already provide the internet user with translator. a barrier for not understand the languages of others seemly to have been lost, even my friend Yemeni (Arab) he has a different letter with the English 'Latin'. His English was very well but for write he still confused because the Arab and Latin character for write are different, the way to write also different he is very delighted to know there is a Google translator, if you doesn't have it try translator here.
even now I have started reaching in another language just for read only. so I will find ideas for reading in the nation with the foreign languages who may i have been not imagine before, that I can understand more in the world as largest than the my previous imagination. Generally, I have visit the site using Spain, France and Germany but for some eastern Europe were quite different letters, but also seems interesting.

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adekurkur said...

hal ini yang selalu menjadi penghalang utama dalam merambah dunia luas "bahasa" padahal manusia seharusnya menggunakan akal, akan tetapi manusia pada umumnya menggunakan lisan sebagai tolak ukur bukkan akal, hati atau tulisan sebagi bahan pertimbangan tapi lisan yang kilang dalam sekejap.

rayearth2601 said...

hora mudhengggg

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