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Sunday, 26 July 2009

How to increase visitor

If your site/blog are personal means no intentions for monetizing you can follow this tip and the suggestion for some site/blog to increase the visitor.

[1] Use the domain name easy to remember

If you want to improve traffik, try to have your own domain name.

If you want your site or blog with great success, the first time you should note your name is. Same with if you want to become celebrities, your name must be easy to remember people.

Which is easier to remember you by:

* yourname.com or yourname.wordpress.com or yourname.blogspot.com or anything for easy remember?

So now the question is more easily remembered by visitors to your site? And the more they will like to visit? [which in turn will create more high traffik]

I think the answer will remain the same, yourname.com.

Therefore, try to have an own domain. The visitor will be more likely to remember the name of the short and they will prefer to visit a site that has a name that is short.

Do not let them run away just because the name of the site / blog that is too long.

[2] Write articles pillar

The articles are pillar articles that act as a "pillar / buffer" traffik your site.

Articles is usually an article that has "list" type, such as 10 Tips Increase traffik, 5 Best Technology Blog, Internet Marketing Definitions, etc.

Types of articles such as pillar with interesting traffik like magnets attracting iron, because people will always find articles like this. People always need information about the definition of a case, or 10 list for best xxxxxxx of they like.

With the different articles that tell about personal experiences, people are not interested in articles like that. May be interested, but will be overlooked - and finally not to visit again, and not to refferer to other people.

The idea is: articles which are always sought-looking people and make other people want to visiting many times PLUS pass it on to the others.

[3] posting regulary

One of the most important tips to increase the number of visits to your blog is to write frequently.

People will be happy to visit your blog if they find a new article, which is fresh, fresh and fresh. They will not like, even disappointed, if it came to your blog and find only old articles.

So if you want your site has a loyal reader, a routine visit, often, often to update your blog. My advice, once a minimum of 2-3 days should have a new article. Or, if each day can be even better.

[4] make comment

One of the other ways that can be is to frequently commented on the others blog.

By the time you write comments on the others blog, of course you can put your URL (address) of the site / your blog, isn't it? So, there's traffik will come to visit.

Make sure you enter your blog's URL with the correct URL or blog post you want to promote it correctly.

According to me personally, this effect is small, but worth to try.

[5] Use Feedburner

To improve traffik to your blog, one of the other tips you can do is to take advantage of free services from feedburner.com. To increase the number of RSS readers of your blog, or even to facilitate the readers who want to enjoy your blog via email.

[6] Submit your article to Social Bookmark

Do not under estimate the power of viral marketing!

Submit your articles to various social services such as del.icio.us Bookmarking, or digg.com technorati.com or to increase your traffik.

Each time a person perform searching a topic in accordance with the articles you submit to these sites, you have to get additional traffik visitors are free.

[7] Optimization SEO

Get free traffik many other SEO's!

Learn SEO (not described in this article) and the application for the blog / site, and even for the pages in the site / your blog. Traffik of SEO is highly qualified and targetted, and 100% free.

So, do not you chase wasted.

[8] Create the articles are " HOT in" (popular)

A simple trick that can make your blog get traffic is to be posting with the title (and contents), which concerned with a matter that is being a "trend" in the community.

Suppose there are people in the case of "funeral of Michael Jacson", then you can try to make an article related to this.

By writing an article related to an event that's currently popular, so you can attract lots of links from other blogs or even occupy a high position on search engines (eg google) for keyword-related news articles (as there is no other blog that discusses) .

Ultimately, you can traffik increased dramatically.

[9] Trade links

Link exchange even if it looks old, but my own experience showing that this is very effective.

If you are truly serious doing, do not smoke wasted any one visitor. For the visitor who knows which one you consider "frivolous" (not significant) was the visitors who would "take money" for you.

Never underestimate the small things.

[10] Ads

As a last way, if you are not talented in the various campaigns for free, or you need instant results that normally can not be achieved through the free traffik, my suggestion is: advertising.

You can use various means of advertising, from the PPC text, and banners. Start from a network that handles special ads (Google Adwords) or ad in the personal blogs of others.

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