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Sunday, 12 July 2009

Reported site attack

How , why and what to do.

Became reported attack site victim is very ridiculous anger and unknown, especially we not in intention to do it.
What happen if your site (blog/website) was being reported as attack site?
If you are not intentionally doing that things and your site also monetizing than is like disaster.
The most common reaction was angry, sad, why, and so on, all are mix together.
This report established to create safe environment of internet browsers and surfers.
Firefox, badwerebuster.org and some company which are running on internet business are running the watchdog community. Unluckily internet explorer and Microsoft not involves with this activities, and also apple with safari. May be they have own standard to filter unsafe site or software.
But it is very good to stop spreading of bad were from site to site to computer trough internet from user to another user. My friend’s blog has been reported by Google as attack site.
Because of it the impact were devastating the idea like anger, disagree, and so on it look like blocking the brain and bright idea that what Google explain on the message are very clear how to clear the charges. But after few days we realize that what Google wants is like that (it written there) and easy to understand it. What we need is only calm, and passion to handle it. They will guide you step by step how to locate the bad were code, to remove it and to clear the charges. Even to free scan of your site and local computer, and afterword reported to Google for review to clean the ban on search engine.
Google itself in webmaster tools will guides how to clear the charges, from this webmaster tools you will got also to enhanced your site using any analyzer and tools webmaster to improved your site.


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