What Are These?

Sunday, 26 July 2009


page index is how many pages from the site/blog are indexes by company internet provider on their search engine. The main/ mayor player are like Google, yahoo and MSN.

They have their own search engine with their logic algorithm do description the keyword for search result. First for all you have to manual index your site to them or by add URL to them, this is the first way to introduce your site to internet, afterward you just ping it. Make site map of your site so their robot will easily or by your guide site map to come and check your site and recorded to their search engine, or make site map link to one of your page site ( usually main page). Make internal link means if you have many page then create link each other like spider web in your site. Make link with site which is already indexed by them, so if their site ping it then robot will come to check those site also link to guide to your site as your link there this is also will boost your page rank. Actively promote on make your site visible to the other internet user by commenting others site add put the link to your site then the site owner or robot can easily find out your site. Page index is simply the number of pages from your website that (Yahoo, Google, MSN) has in its database (index) This is also referred to as Search Engine (SE) Saturation i.e. how much of your site has been seen by the SE. How do you improve your Yahoo! page index (SE Saturation)?

In one word: Links!

  • Navigational / Internal Links:Linking from one page to the next will help robot follow and index all the pages that needs indexing.
  • External Links: Linking from an external high ranking website or directory is one of the best ways to get your pages noticed.
  • Links to your home page:Pointing links to your home page will not only strengthen your web ranking, but will also point robot spiders to your website and cause then to index every page that they can see linking from your home page.
  • Deep linking:Linking from an external website directly to a sub pages on your site (deep linking), will insure that the page in question gets seen / indexed by search engine. Your sub page search ranking will also improve.

Page Index Check in search engine type your site and see how much your site indexed there. To see how many your pages in each search engine owner/provider.



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