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Thursday, 23 July 2009

Confusing photo

This is the one of Confusing photo I got while traveling for pilgrimage in SAUDI. The owner of the house try to help foreigner pilgrimage ( it look like in English) you can imagine that how much the toilet available compare with the visitor who has arrived in randomly timing and sudden overflowing.

Out side the pilgrimage time this is just normal road but when the time is come, no car only pedestrian. While I'm visiting blog to blog I got also the impression of the same things about confusing sign and same matter about toilet click here to view, but the true is they try to help the foreigner (in English sign) but due to lack of knowledge they just flowing the idea like that. But if you are native English speaker, I think you will try to think another not just it is because as you aware this area not native English speaker.Just to find out the perfect word they are drain out the brain, and how about the sentences.>But any way we should grateful that we are traveling to other side of the world still you can find the help, the sign, or honestly, even you think is misappropriated or funny but you have capability to judge and calculated what the next is from now.


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