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Sunday, 12 July 2009

Jakarta recreation spot

If you are came from abroad (outside Indonesia) as foreigner or WNI abroad, may be this spot recreation near by Jakarta could be good consideration specially with family.

Taman safari Indonesia (safari park Indonesia) this park was design with wild animal interaction. We felt we have show of animal but actually the animal was had and enjoy the show for visitor because we are in cage/car or building and the animal are free (like wild life).
If you ever come to Africa and traveling for safari experience on this park quiet little area then Africa but the animal more in quantity and variety.

Taman mini Indonesia indah (miniature of Indonesia island) this is the park to show what is Indonesia archipelago complete with culture event each islands, provinces, dialogue, dances, foods etc.

One of the most densities metropolitan is the Indonesia capital Jakarta. To support the refreshing and recreation the busiest city ancol is the best area for fun especially for family (child). The option starting with water recreation, 3D movie, zoo, Edutainment Park and sports, and long beach view to Java Sea.


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