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Thursday, 23 July 2009


Search engine is the tool for search which are match with the key word you are enter. Day by day the new company launch their site/blog even personal, so basically with in minutes ten or may be hundreds new site were submit to site indexes provider.

The baby booming search engine Google was have new way how to grab the view of site index and internet user with all pass less then decade ago. the OS provider like Microsoft Macintosh etc it look like left behind by Google for search result.The new generation of Google search engine will launch with with Google OS Google chrome, but recently Microsoft also launch new search engine Bing but the war to grab user to use their search engine is not big company like Google, Microsoft, yahoo, but many other search engine which are compete to grab the user as much as possible. Starting and pioneering by Google to monetize the search engine plus their ad sense integrated in their search result is the breakthrough for the world of search engine. The use of search engine mainly to serve internet user with any information their need so they will not leave the main site to go to the other site provider with Google word is site page impression. But is it correct information did you found in one search engine? some time they doesn't have the information what you need so they just give the option to write what are you looking for ( this idea is to provide it) not to give other link to other site.

link search

Some of the search engine are combine from some search engine and make a query for the bulky result at the same time like meta crawler, my websearch Etc. But some search engine also using the new technique with piece of information and gathering all (aggregating) of the possible to connect become full information then share to the world. This method commonly using by download and upload file for share with premium or free of charges. Torrent search is one of technology with pear to pear system to make it small consumption of bandwidth from each provider as they are using the user online storage to share their file after download it.

and many others so which one you need or prefer take it one.or more complete just type search engine in your search engine and see what the internet have!

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