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Thursday, 23 July 2009


You have been experiencing to find some code in the HTML code?. Of course you have since you always changing your template log or add some tricks on it.

My be this is the some tricks for easy how to find the character one character, some or word already. The simple method is using the capability of windows OS or other usualy common for using like print is always Ctrl + P, copy Ctrl + C, paste Ctrl + V and for this post is find Ctrl + F.

When you press Ctrl (control) key hold and press F key it will show small tool bar on the bottom of the screen. with x for exit find (toolbar name), text box for item you looking for, next , previous, highlight all for searching, and match case check box for filtering the search.

If the template only small not expanding my be still you can find out by reading, but if already to much gadget inside and expanding template widget, I think you will be fed-up in the beginning. Because to much character and difficulty to trace one by one if it is to many item already. By using Ctrl + F with in second you will notify your code looking for is correct or not because if it is not there the text box color will change to red or pink color automatically, without to press next or else is already said not there. But if still not change the background color then it might be there depend of the filter on match case you selected. If you select or check for match case box then the find will search for 100 % same character with what you looking for. So no need long time to search some code now, have a good try.

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