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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Mars the next foot print

In 20 July 2009, exactly 40 years ago the ambitious human in the race to be the first send human in the moon surface ripen the success from the racing by USA team in APOLLO 11 mission as they are succeed landed the the first human in the moon surface.

This achieved is not only proud by APOLLO 11 teams, NASA, USA but all the mankind as they can achieved the such as technology like that. May be you had know about who is the first and second MAN had landed their foot to the moon( Neil Armstrong and Edwin "buzz" Aldrin) and Michael Collin (his remain in shuttle) who are the more proud and great man over the dedicated and selection from USA astronaut for the symbol of the success human team in the space (moon) exploration. This success starting by APOLLO 11 but still following with others mission up to APOLLO 17 in 1972 with Eugene Carmen which is the last man walking in the moon.

Neil Armstrong said, up on the his foot step on the sea of tranquility of the moon surface "this is one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind".

This news is also the break off the sad of American audience due to totally lost war in the Vietnam and huge booster morale for country man that they had to be the first country flag in the space. This is the first leap for jump to the mars exploration as per the astronomer and scientist the mars is more likely friendly environment like earth for the twin planet for human race could be life there. but after 1972 the exploration or space project likely in frozen or small improved due to always spend in war to the other country. NASA has put the time table an target to put man on the moon by 2020 but the world even the USA has sceptically due to skyrocketing the expenditure of the project constellation with springboard fly to mars as the target. But it is look like they changing the path with only viewing space, by put the complicated telescope in the moon for Hubble replacement as it is near to expired time. The latest US president Barak Obama has order to close an examination programs (this not the right time because of the hardship of USA economic) but the blue ribbon panel expert ex former Lockheed martin CEO Norman Augustine said that we have the technology or the knowledge that we could go to mars if we wanted, We could put also telescope on the moon if we wanted too.

There may be life on mars and if there is, it's damn sure we ought to go there and look at it, said Aldrin in the news conference in NASA headquarter for remembrance the 40 years anniversary walk in the moon. When we get there, and found no life at this point, on there will be life on mars because we'll bring it there, whether it's germs and leftover urine bags or what ever it is, isn't it.

The USA veteran's astronaut still bring a huge hope to the audience in the USA it self and the other country that man walk in the moon is the small leap for mankind to explorer the space or expand the life environment out the earth.

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