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Friday, 7 August 2009

One month Anniversary

Finally this blog was pass one month old with steady increasing the Alexa rank, friends, viewer and quality of performances. This achievement is not only of strugelling for blogging to others but also the our knowledges and experiences will gain from the others to better improved blog world even website.

So finally this blog still survival from abuse, spam, viruses, or what ever are destructive opportunities. Since I lost my blog 50 days before (up to now still don't know what is the reason) but any way I will keep it up and specially to all of friends and viewer thanks a lot for support and attention for the existence of this blog and blogger world ( blogger, wordpress, typepad etc). Lets make virtual world more save then real world it might be real world for matrix (matrix movies) era for the future next generation. Some idea are I have learn from some friends and method are proven to boost the Alexa rank and almost any things are I think is important for some measurement the capacity, popularity even the safe matter in internet life.
Actually I want to give some reward( I thought) but that will create problem to the future for loading time. Not mine but who are receive the reward will be, because to much link is not better but your quality blog is the best.

Again thanks a lot for all of you.

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J-T said...

happy nice anniversary

genial said...

saiia baru akan nii kang... met ulang taun juga iia buat blognya sama keberadaannya di dunia maya :) sukses terus kang !!!

Zahra Khusnul Lathifa said...

thanks mbak for d response...I just do what d they want me to do which I think, become "amanah"...anyway, thanks for sharing :)I do have d same idea with u :)

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