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Friday, 14 August 2009


Some of the women or family (with husband) very proud if they can give the formula milk for their beloved baby, without the concern of the mother milk still producing but not to give to their baby. Husband said I will give the best food for my baby, and mother said I don't want to pull it out on the public just to feeding my baby, or they believed that if their is to much used they will lost the shape.
This is common for modern family or modern women ( even the status still house wife) the formula milk still the option. Just for remaining that the formula milk is came from cow milk not human milk. Then you believed the baby cow food is suitable for your baby, you not afraid your beloved one became like them mowwwwwwww.
The best human baby food are human milk on the female human body made, GOD already give the special food for special creature to create their own habit even to transmit the capability of self defenses from any diseases which is the mother proved can survival from it. From the first day production is full of content for nutrient and anti body which is mother have and will give to the baby by breast feeding. Not only that the warm of mother body temperature also will support the baby environment temperature, and create close relationship to the mother (sorry this is for the mother only). Formula milk is the artificial milk came from cow's milk and add some things which are suitable for human baby. So the needed for it just supplementary or additional only not main purpose to replace the human milk with cow's, ship's or any mammals milk. In the ancient time the human population, and community are know very well that human baby must be feeding by human food infant so that's why if you ever heard brother or sister on relationship in mother breastfeeding. This means the baby from the other family they are feeding it by the other mother breastfeeding, so that's why they became brother or sister on breast feeding because they got the same milk from same mother even not from close family so contain the nutrient and anti body almost close each other. Not to give the baby food and trust to the any mammals milk. On that times Cow's, sheep's, camel's milk already known can consume for human but they sill believes that human milk are for human. Again the formula Cow's milk is addition for human baby food.

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kwangkxz said...

nice and useful info !!

Lycloer said...

i cant relate to the post, im not yet committed to anyone...lol anyways, thanks for visiting my blog..hope u enjoyed my posts..even if u didnt leave any comments :)

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