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Sunday, 2 August 2009


Facebook the fortune new social networking in the virtual world as so famous and interesting for every one. This interesting came also for BILL GATES (Microsoft CO-Founder) not for inquired the share of the company but as the BILL GATES personal.

But recently he give up with this social networking as to many friends as the basic cause. He said that he had a trouble figuring out whether he knew this person, or didn't knew these person. It was just way too much trouble so I give it up with ended still 10000 people asking to joint become his friends. Gates also confided the audience that his not always online 24 hour and not big in text messaging person. I read a lot and some of I read is not always in the computer. Gates who sought to drive a vision of a computer on every desk in the office and home, said the information technology revolution had been hugely beneficial but added all these tools of tech waste our time if we're not careful. Facebook are recently announced booking the user are more then 250 million around the globe and put the rank on the number THREE as per the Alexa figure and number ONE in the some country likes Indonesia with leading from the giant company like Google Indonesia, yahoo and Google international. Alexa is the traffic data producer was provided to figure it out how famous the site in internet in the some region or even the world.

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