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Sunday, 9 August 2009

Sunbathing risk skin cancer

Is the knowledge before that sunray is the free of vitamin D so if you want to have a stong bones or better skin color just expose your body to sun directly to absorb it. But the international agency for research on cancer (IARC) has upgrade their assessment of the risk posed by sunbaths and sunlamps as the causes many skin cancer cases.
This 2 item activities commonly using by white skin color to absorb vitamin D from sun and for beautification by changing the skin color to nearly red and fat burning (the myth's). The result that UV from sun was probably carcinogenic material after the research they taken that UV sun ray or sunlamp are highly risk cancer specially for the skin, as they have advised to WHO previously.
A report by Dr Fatiha El Ghisssassi and colleagues from IARC in France published recently in the lancet oncology said : that the use of UV-emitting tanning devices are widely spreading in many developing countries, especially among young women. A comprehensive meta-analysis concluded that the risk of skin melanoma is increased by 75% when use of tanning devices start before 30 years of ages. Several studies had also linked sunbed use to greater likelihood of developing a rare eye cancer called ocular melanoma. UV-emitting tanning device was classification byWHO as group 1carcinogenic to humans. The othercarcinogenic include tobacco smoke, asbestos, benzine, formaldehyde and the episteinbarr virus (causes glandular fever).
People should avoid sunbeds completely for cosmetic purpose, they have no benefits and they increase the risk of cancer. UVR (ultraviolet radiation) cause a skin cancer, and sunbeds create a tan by emitting UVR. It is recommended that anyone under 18 should not be allow to use sunbeds.
but the chief executive sunbeds association said there is no proven link between yet the use of sunbeds and cancer causes, the relationship between UV exposure and an increase risk of developing skin cancer is only likely to arise where over-exposure that is, when burning has taken place.

Sunbath will make you smarter

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