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Sunday, 9 August 2009

Your body battery poles

As an old man all muscles are became weeks, and week and lose control of it finally this is will lead to fail controlling some muscles which is control by brain pulses. So basically the real healthy man which are they still have power to control their muscles.

Creating the new technique does not need to have a background of education in harmony with the findings. That is done by Fu Long Swie, 74. The former sprinter and long jump athlete in the 1950's created the therapy treatment empet empet-anus (hold ass hole and release) from hobby is reading books.

He Doesn't want only to become a grandfather who only spend time sitting with the old sweet, Fu tried to find alternative healing itself. "All books are ancient, human body anatomy, medical science and I read," said the grandfather of ten grandchildren.

One of the books that inspired him to create a unique movement empet empet-anus is the ancient book Tao De Ching. In chapter VI the book, explained that the body has energy that can not be discharged and continue to update themselves.

"Does not in form, as well as the continuing life of the heart," said Fu.

Either due to language Chinese Fu repertory of high or accidental, shadow of vehicle battery directly through his mind in the chapter so he finished to read it. battery is to supply energy throughout the body according to the needs of each. "the relations is, power supply in the body continues to sag due to age which ripen," said her husband was Elijah Bestari.

Still refer to the battery, the energy stored in it is the energy gained from the positive and negative poles. The same man, a new source of energy obtained from these two poles. One of the important findings of Fu is set to find positive and negative poles in the human body.

According to him, the positive poles are on the human anus. While the negative pole is located in the navel. Musculature around the anus hold an important role as bond energy poles in the contact area. "The old, the musculature will relax. Moreover, we never practice organs," said Fu.

The consequence of the weak muscle, the human energy needed to run all the functions of organs is dropping. in Domino effect due to such conditions is insertion of various diseases. The organ does not work perfectly.

By that logic, he created the technique to train musculature of the anus (empet) name or anus empet-ling kung tien. Fu method is found appropriate in 2003. finally, findings that directly practiced with the main target for the disease which is already in his body.

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