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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Radiation a mong us

Radiation is the energy carried by either electromagnetic waves or moving particles. We can divided according to side effect it produces on the matter, into ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. Non-ionizing radiation that does not have sufficient energy to dislodge orbit electrons and hence lesser side effect. Ionizing radiation that has sufficient energy to dislodge orbital electrons. Non-ionizing radiation likes : radio waves, microwave, infrared, visible light etc, and for ionizing radiation alpha particle, beta particle, neutrons gamma rays, and x-rays.

Basically from what is the radiation came from:
  1. Natural radiation: is true radiation from universe. Human being as one of living creature in the earth have been exposed with radiation from natural source since beginning of their existence. radiation has been constantly emitted by natural source like cosmic ray which are came from outer space even sun ray are send it radiation with heat transfer daily basis. not only that radon is naturally in the form of gas in the air space surrounding the earth and some take to our lung by breath. another natural radiation is terrestrial radiation which is came from all material in the earth (air or soil and water) like thorium,uranium and my be we are not aware that our self is also containing radio active material inside our cell system like potassium (K-40).
  2. Man made radiation source. By splitting uranium we will get the side product like plutonium, or by emitting proton to neutral atom to make the atom unstable (specially for heavy masses atom) and the other thing is created the X-ray (thanks for Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen invention).
What happen if ionizing radiation came to our body?. Here the topic is atomic part or the small part in our body is living cells. These ionizing result in the removal of electrons from the atoms, forming ions or charged the atoms. The ions formed then can go on to react with the other atoms in the cell, causing damages. For example if gamma ray passes trough a a living cell, the water molecular near the DNA might be ionized and the ions might react with the DNA causing it to break. At low doses, such as what we received every day from background radiation, the cell will repaired the damages rapidly, but at the high doses, the cell might not be able to repair the damage and the cell may either be changed permanently or die. Cell changed permanently may go on to produce abnormal cells when they divide. In the right circumstance, these cells may be come cancerous. This is the origin of our increased risk in cancer, as a result of radiation exposure.

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