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Tuesday, 18 January 2011


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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Current or saving

Put some money on the bank and keep it for some time, you can withdraw or add some fund on it, but what type of your account is?. Bank system make different type of account in old system is saving, then current, deposit, fix deposit ETC.

The basic philosophy of put money in the bank before is like your home saving, store and put in the place which is save from any body, but it is save store and pile in the house?. it is promoted like that before, so established a new institution for storing and stock piling a fund with save guarantee. But the story become different when some account holder (huge quantity) wants to withdraw the money at the same time, money is no enough, then what happen with my money?. Yes the bank using our money to give loan to some body, and as appreciated of it the bank give the profit of the loan then they called interest. So now publicity saving account is always related with interest. This is also applied for every type of saving likes : deposit, fix deposit for examples. But the big different with the current account. current account no interest on it because is like pure saving (old type) philosophy. but again some people will ask then what is benefit on keep some money on the current account since our money always using by bank for loan. So that's why the bank used another way to appreciated the current account holder. Bank will give you the bank fixture are not given to saving account holder and usually it is free of charges. So basically bank is always benefiting from running on the bank business and user got what they need saving money with save condition (not to worry lost their fund) and received the benefit from bank.
the Islamic bank system (sukuk) the main type is current account even have name deposit, saving and what ever became to basic philosophy of saving money ( store some money daily basis so monthly will got residual monthly saving). And regarding money on the bank, bank will using the money to do some business (not loan) even the technique almost same with loan, but different. The person want to borrow the money for some things, then bank will negotiated (trader negotiation) even bargain for some things they wanted or what they use for so the chance for bargain (trading type) widely open for installment/ paying type. The borrower will not carrying the money but the bank side will negotiated with the trader for you. So the bank will buy for you instead of you carrying the huge money to buy it. With this kind of system the institution will have very big opportunities for gain a lot capital as saving in the bank and the same time gaining profit from business and no excess expenditure due to no interest enforcement for the account holder. So how to survive bank is always using our capital for their business and as obligatory the bank will give you as like share holder benefit with the name like bonus but not interest.

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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Microsoft +Yahoo

Microsoft Corp and Yahoo agree inked a 10-year Web search deal to better compete against market leader Google but stopped short of combining their display advertising businesses.
Yahoo shares fell 10% as some investors were disappointed by the limited scope of the deal, which did not include any upfront payments for Yahoo as some had expected. Shares of Microsoft edged higher, while Google shares fell 1%. “Those that were looking forward to a take-out, the deal today was rather disappointing,” said Marc Pado, US market strategist for Cantor Fitzgerald. “The 10-year pact, it’s not a bad thing. It’s not as good as what investors expected. The deal culminates a lengthy, and at times contentious, dance between the two companies. They have been in on-and-off-again talks on a search partnership since Yahoo rebuffed Microsoft’s $47.5bn takeover bid last year. Under the deal announced yesterday, Microsoft’s Bing search engine will power search queries on Yahoo’s sites. Yahoo’s sales force will be responsible for selling premium advertising based on search terms for both companies. Microsoft’s AdCenter technology will serve the standard sponsored links that appear alongside search results. While Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz had previously said that any deal would require a partner with “boatloads of money,” she said yesterday that the revenue share agreement in the Microsoft deal was more valuable to Yahoo than a one-time payment.“Having a big up-front cash payment doesn’t really help us from an operating standpoint,” Bartz said in a conference call with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. Microsoft will compensate Yahoo through a revenue-sharing agreement that pays Yahoo at an initial rate of 88% of search revenue generated on Yahoo sites in the first five years. Each company will maintain its own separate display advertising business and sales force, they said.

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